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2019|5780 Yom Kippur Appeal & Project Nehemiah

Yom Kippur Appeal

Dear Fellow Congregant:
We hope that you and your loved ones are able to enjoy meaningful High Holy Days and wish you all the best for the New Year.

In this season we all remember that at one point or another, we look to the Synagogue to meet our needs and the needs of our families. Whether these matters are spiritual, cultural, educational or social, we expect Ohav Shalom to be available for us at all times. And in this season we come to you, our congregants, to strengthen Ohav’s continued ability to meet these needs.

We look to Ohav as a physical space in which to come together in celebration and in sadness. Maintaining our building and, during this past two years, adding to our security is essential but costly.

We are so grateful, as always, for your support of Ohav Shalom and we appreciate your pledge as part of our annual Yom Kippur Appeal.

Your pledge and support help to ensure that our Ohav Shalom community will continue to grow and flourish; to expand the beauty of our Jewish values.

Thank you so much again for being a part of Ohav’s family. Together, we’ll be stronger than ever.
L’Shana Tova

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Project Nehemiah

Ohav Shalom’s Project Nehemiah is named for the leader who, together with the religious leader Ezra, rebuilt the moral, spiritual and physical infrastructure of the Jewish community in the 5th century the land of Israel. Our congregation’s Project Nehemiah program is for members who want to assist in building and sustaining the moral, spiritual and physical infrastructure of Ohav Shalom.  Project Nehemiah is a voluntary program of giving beyond standard dues. In our budget, dues account for less than 50% of the funds necessary to run the congregation and provide the kind of programming and services that we value and are so proud of. Without this type of voluntary giving our synagogue could not pay its bills.
If you believe that Ohav Shalom is:

• a place you want to help build and sustain for the future
• a place worth investing in, so that you can be proud to bring family and friends here for worship and programming
• a place where you can take pride of ownership, knowing that you personally participated in keeping all of our services at the highest level then we hope you will consider joining the other families who generously participated in Project Nehemiah last year.

Three levels of giving are available (and of course, we encourage you to give beyond these levels as well!):
• Supporting Member: Contribution of $500 above dues (less than $1.50 per day)
• Sustaining Member: Contribution of $750 above dues (less than $2.00 per day)
• Guardian Member: Contribution of $1000 above dues (less than $3 per day)

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