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Moment of Silence for Slain Israeli Olympians from Munich 1972 Olympics

Moment of Silence  for Slain Israeli Olympians from  Munich 1972 Olympics


July 25, 2021    
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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July 25, 2021~10:00 AM
 Moment of Silence for Slain Israeli Olympians Munich 1972 Olympics

Meet at the Albany JCC Flagpoles 340 Whitehall Rd. Albany


Eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team were murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.
Please join our community as we commemorate the memory of these athletes and participants in the 1972 Olympics with prayers and a moment of silence.

In advocating for a moment of silence, Anki Spitzer, widow of Andrei Spitzer, has said, “A moment of silence is a fitting tribute for athletes who lost their lives on the Olympic stage. Silence contains no statements, assumptions or beliefs and requires no understanding of language to
interpret.  I have no political or religious agenda. Just the hope that my husband and the other men who went to the Olympics in peace, friendship and sportsmanship are given what they deserve. One minute of silence will clearly say to the world that what happened in 1972 can never be forgotten.”


David Berger ~ Ze’ev Friedman ~ Yossef Gutfreund  ~ Eliezer Halfin ~ Yossef Romano 

 Amitzur Shapira ~  Kehat Shorr  ~ Mark Slavin  ~ Andre Spitzer ~ Yahov Springer  ~ Moshe Weinberg