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Lifecycle Events

Marking Life Cycle Events at Ohav

At Ohav, our clergy and congregation stand ready to help members of the community to fully experience God’s love and our community’s support around these moments of transition. We view the life cycle rituals of Judaism as one part of a larger approach to sacred celebration that lends meaning to each of our lives, in times of sadness and in times of simcha (joy). Judaism marks each stage of a person’s, family’s and community’s life with symbols, music, and rituals that are time honored, eternally relevant, and sometimes open to contemporary interpretation. They help us to invite God’s loving presence into our lives precisely at those intense and exhilarating moments of life changes: birth, bar and bat mitzvah, graduations, marriage, conversion to Judaism, gender transition, divorce, retirement, death, and grieving a loved one who has died. 

For more information about our life cycle policies and procedures, as well as possibilities for your Jewish celebrations – ancient and modern – please contact Rabbi Ornstein at