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Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available for young people who participate in an intensive Jewish camp program or trip to Israel this summer. A variety of scholarships are offered.  The application is below. Application deadline April 22, 2021

Any child of an Ohav Shalom full member in good standing as of December 2019, is eligible. These scholarships are supported by generous donations from Ohav’s Sisterhood and Mens’ Club, Rabbi Dan and Rabbi Rena’s Discretionary Funds, Morning Minyan, and donations to the scholarship fund. 

Scholarships were established to encourage young people to participate in an intensive Jewish summer program, a Jewish camp program, or a trip to Israel. Typically, USY-on-Wheels, trips to Poland and Israel, USY Encampment, and other Jewish camp experiences have been funded.

General Scholarships exist to help young people access meaningful Jewish experiences that will bring them closer to Judaism.

While the scholarship is not intended to pay for the entire Jewish enrichment experience, we want our youth to know that supporting them is extremely important to the congregation. All children of Ohav Shalom regular, non-associate members in good standing are encouraged to fill in the application.

Ohav is fortunate to have named scholarships that offer funding for Jewish enrichment in Israel. We encourage families to consider the many opportunities for young people to spend the summer in Israel. The families who generously established these named scholarships are delighted to support summer in Israel experiences. Applicants for named scholarships will need to complete the general scholarship application and attach a meaningful essay as described on the application.

For further information or assistance, or for a PDF application, contact Sheila at or the Ohav office at 518-489- 4706.

Additional scholarships are offered through Jewish Federation

please visit Federation website for more information.

Ohav Shalom Scholarship Application Form