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Giving a contribution to one of the following Congregational Funds in honor or memory of friends and loved ones is a fitting way to honor them.

General donations are preferred and need not be earmarked. Funds given without specification will go toward the area in greatest need of support. If you prefer to earmark your donation however, the following is a listing of specific funds and their purpose. If you decide you’d prefer to earmark your donation and have identified a fund, please go to the Donation Form and select the fund to which your donation should go from the pull-down menu.

Restricted Donations


  • NEW FUND ~ Brenda Borzykowski Youth Education and Leadership Fund: Supporting and promoting Youth Education on moral and ethical issues along with Holocaust remembrance.
  • Michael David Banner Fund: Subsidize Israel trips and missions for young adults.
  • B’Yachad Fund: To assist with financial support of B’Yachad.
  • Capital Campaign Fund: Set aside for building renovations.
  • College Outreach Fund: Provides mailings and packages to our college students to keep them involved in our Synagogue.
  • Frydman-Kohl Fund: Scholarship assistance for an Israeli youth program.
  • Golhar/Goldstein Youth Fund: Used for youth activities sponsored by the synagogue.
  • Hilda Gordon Memorial Fund: Used for building improvement projects.
  • Jennie M. Kahn Fund: To purchase sweets for holiday celebrations.
  • Krantman Israel Scholarship Fund: Scholarships for participation in an Israeli youth program.
  • Library Fund: To maintain and purchase books for our library.
  • Marian Cohen Kiddush Fund: To provide Kiddush for the Synagogue.
  • Marion Cohen Kitchen Fund: To purchase items for Ohav Shalom’s kitchens
  • Men’s Club: To support the shul and greater Jewish community.
  • Nursery School Fund: To assist with financial support of the nursery school.
  • Prayer Book Fund: To purchase Shabbat Siddurim, High Holy Day Machzorim and other books as determined by the rabbinical staff and the Religious Life Committee.
  • Rabbi Ornstein’s Discretionary Fund: For special programs, activities, and Synagogue needs.
  • David Romanoff Family Crisis Fund: For the Rabbis to assist individuals and families in crisis situations.
  • Rosenblatt Life Education Fund: For speakers, workshops, and other programs related to Jewish family life.
  • Sacklow Israel Scholarship Fund: Scholarship recipient(s) receive financial assistant for an Israeli youth program.
  • Samuel Tabachneck Memorial Fund: To support performing arts programs and activities.
  • Safety and Security Fund: Ensuring security for the Shul’s services, programs and schools.
  • Scholarship Fund: Recipients receive financial assistance for programs with significant Jewish content.
  • Schreiber Special Education Fund: To fund programs and activities for Congregants with special needs.
  • Scherer & Sussman Social Action Fund: For funding social action programs with are not strictly religious.
  • Stanley Solomon Memorial Fund: To support live streaming and access to all Ohav Shalom programs, functions and events.
  • Synagogue Fund: To assist with all Synagogue financial needs.
  • Sisterhood: To support the shul and greater Jewish community.
  • Torah Writing Campaign: To support maintenance of our Torah scrolls.
  • Yad Yonatan: To support bereaved families, families with special needs, and our Chevera Kadisha.