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Tefillah: Prayer & Communal Worship

Tefillah: Prayer & Communal Worship

Inspiring, participatory communal worship is a hallmark of our congregation. We are committed to creating a warm, inclusive atmosphere whenever we gather for prayer.

Our community comes together for daily morning minyan, Shabbat and holiday worship, all of which follow traditional Jewish liturgy. 

Shabbat – Our meaningful, engaging Shabbat morning services are led by our rabbis, together with many community members who possess the desire and the skills to share in that leadership. Children are welcome members of our prayer community. We even have a “kids corner” so that you can be with your children in our sanctuary during services, and they can enjoy books and toys at the same time.  

Participation in our services is fully egalitarian with regard to gender. While adhering to the core practices of Jewish prayer, we seek creative new ways to use ritual in Jewish contexts as we strive to deepen our connections to God, to ourselves, and to one another.

Daily, we have the opportunity to strengthen our community by participating and sharing in the responsibility of making a minyan. By attending the daily minyan, we share in a ritual that has endured for centuries and will endure long into the future. At Ohav’s daily minyan we reach out to grieving congregants, welcome visitors, strengthen old friendships and make new ones. As an essential value of Ohav’s community, people of all ages, those who have recited the prayers thousands of times and those who have never even heard them, are encouraged to take part equally.

Returning to Shul Working Group: Morning Minyan Sub-Committee Message

Dear Minyan Attendees:

As we begin our slow and cautious return to in person participation in synagogue life, a work group has been established to develop plans and methods that will facilitate the process. Among the first activities to be reopened for in person attendance is the weekday minyan. The purpose of this e-mail is to provide you with the parameters for an in-person minyan and to ascertain your willingness to participate.

As currently envisioned, we would start with a 3-week pilot program conducted within the following parameters:

  In person services will be one day per week (not on a Torah reading day). Services will continue on Zoom the remaining days.

– Services will begin at 7:00 A.M.

– Services will be held outdoors (on the sukkah slab) weather permitting. If the weather is inclement services for that day will be on Zoom.

  • Access to the building, including rest rooms, will be on an emergency basis only.
  • Attendees will have to preregister.
  • Each attendee will have to provide their own siddur, tallit, tefillin and kippah. If you do not own any of these and wish to use the synagogue’s they will be available to be signed out so you can bring them with you when you attend minyan.
  • Face masks are mandatory.
  • Chairs will be placed at appropriate intervals on the slab and are not to be moved.
  • The prayer leader will not face the congregation.
  • After services attendees will depart immediately and as directed with no socializing. Masks must be worn until you return to your vehicle or are otherwise off synagogue grounds.
  • No food will be served.
  • Anyone who is in a high-risk category (over age 65 and/or with a medical condition) needs to give serious consideration to their participation.
  • Anyone who has any of the symptoms of Covid 19 (shortness of breath, cough, fever above 100.2, sudden fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, loss of sensation of taste or smell,) may not register or attend minyan.

Thank you for taking the time to help us with our planning. (see survey below)


Morning Minyan Sub Committee: Judy Avner, Steve Gally, Walter Greenberg, Ed Jacobs, Rabbi Rena Kieval, Rabbi Dan Ornstein, Nancy Pandolfo 

Morning Minyan - Return Survey - Please respond to this e-mail by July 14th and let us know: