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Ohav Shalom Kiddush Society

Ohav Shalom Kiddush Society


December 31, 2023    
12:00 am

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Ohav Shalom Brings You the Kiddush Society

Our Kiddush luncheon following Shabbat morning services is one of the best parts of Ohav Shalom. People gather to share stories, laugh, joke, and meet new people. With Kiddush, we build connections that make Ohav a strong, vibrant community. Since returning from COVID, our weekly kiddushim have resembled more of a luncheon than the old days of just challah and pastries. I think that everyone who attends regularly or even just periodically would agree that this is an enjoyable, relaxing opportunity to talk with friends, meet new people, and of course not have to worry about preparing lunch.  

However, as I’m sure everyone is aware, the price of food has skyrocketed along with supplies and staffing costs and has had an impact on our budget.  This cost is not insignificant. Ohav Shalom would love to continue to be able to provide this wonderful service, however, we need to look at ways to offset some of those costs.  

We’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you to consider sponsoring a kiddush and to help us foster that sense of community. You can sponsor honoring someone, to remember someone, celebrate a simcha, or to commemorate a special occasion, just to name a few reasons. If sponsoring an entire kiddush isn’t an option for you, consider making a contribution towards one as a more “bite-sized” way of expressing the same sentiment. These are all wonderful opportunities to share your special day with your family at Ohav Shalom.  As always, Nancy has pricing and a huge menu of options to fit your needs.

In addition to kiddush sponsorship, we’re pleased to introduce the new “Shabbat Kiddush Society.”  Membership in this group will help offset the weekly expenses related to our kiddush. Joining this society isn’t just for those regular attendees, but also for people that come less often or perhaps for those who only join us virtually or not even at all, but still wish to contribute.  The cost of membership in the Society begins at only $18 per month, per family and you can sign up right here!  This can be paid all at once or on a recurring basis all through ShulCloud or the office.

All members of the Kiddush Society will have their names printed and thanked in the weekly Shabbat sheets and at the bottom of each of our Congregational Email. Important to note, Kiddush Society membership has its benefits!  Besides helping with the costs of our kiddushes, you will have the benefit of being able to sponsor kiddush at a significantly reduced rate!

We hope you’ll consider participating in this wonderful mitzvah!

Todah Robah



Gregg Fox, President