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Return to Shul for Worship Shabbat, December 4

Return to Shul for Worship Shabbat, December 4


December 4, 2021    
9:30 am - 11:30 am

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Please note the following special information for Shabbat, 12/4:  
For ALL indoor food functions:
·        We will continue to request that people rsvp for services. This step is so important for planning and preparation purposes.
·        When weather permits, we move Shabbat Kiddush or event programming outside using our pop up tents for shade and utilize our patio heaters for warmth. We encourage you to dress appropriately for the weather.
·        Mask wearing when indoors, irrespective of vaccination status will continue to be a requirement. Masks may only be removed when you are seated at your table and eating. When you get up, you must put your mask back on.
·        To reduce the amount of “milling” around and lines for getting food, we will be experimenting with family style dining. 
o  All Kiddush tables will be set with family style kiddush food items for 6 people. Any food items needing to be replenished will be managed by staff.
o  Attendees will be asked to choose a table to sit and stay at with people that they are comfortable with. 
o  A staff member will also be able to remove any un-used food from empty tables to minimize waste.
·        We will continue to have kiddush to-go bags available for those who are not comfortable to enjoy their kiddush in the building. They will be on a table in the lobby.
·        For any event with registration or advance invitations, including a simcha kiddush, the hosts will be made aware of the policy and will be asked to share this information with guests.
·        Food and beverages may not be consumed in hallways, foyers, restrooms or other undesignated spaces.
·        Guests and Congregants are reminded to not congregate in the lobby in large groups.
Join us for Shabbat services this Saturday, December 4 from 9:30-11:30AM. * RSVPs Requested by Fri. @ 2pm * Families of all ages WELCOMED! * Parents/Kid corner open * General sanctuary seating with additional seating for increased comfort * Masks required for everyone entering the building, regardless of vaccination status. *