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Hanukkah Cards

Happy Hanukkah!

Ohav has your Hanukkah gifts ready to go!

Hanukkah Cards are an easy way to acknowledge friends and family with expressions of appreciation and thanks, while reinforcing our community connections, and supporting Ohav. Each card sent is a donation to our synagogue.

We offer two different ways of sending Hanukkah cards (Ohav Shalom members and nonmembers):
( 1) For a donation of $18 or more, you can request that an individual card be sent. All you need to provide is the recipient’s information and we will send the card on your  (see order form below)

( 2) For a donation of $108 or more, you can purchase a “Hanukkah Cards pack” package of 10 cards. OPTION 1: You keep the blank cards at your fingertips in a safe place at home or office, and send them whenever you want. OPTION 2: You choose to have Ohav Shalom send the cards to 10 recipients of your choice!  (see order form below)


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