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Jeannette Perkins to Speak on Hypnosis at Ohav Shalom

Posted on August 19, 2013

Jeanette Bayda Perkins will speak at Congregation Ohav Shalom, 113 New Krumkill Road, Albany on Tuesday, April 30 at 7 pm about her new book, Meditation and Self Hypnosis: Meditation Techniques With Relevant Self Hypnosis Exercises To Help Relax and Focus Your Mind.  A Bridge from a Busy Mind to Meditation.

During her talk, Perkins will briefly discuss the similarities and differences between meditation and hypnosis and why self- hypnosis is the perfect lead in to meditation.   She will also discuss why some people find meditation difficult, being open to the experiences of those present.  She will discuss how to select the appropriate form of meditation and how to prepare for it so one can have a better experience.  She will provide one Jewish meditation technique, the spiritual and philosophical teachings connected to it, and the self- hypnosis exercise she devised to help transition from a busy mind into meditation.   Her book will be available for sale that evening. 

Jeanette Perkins is a certified clinical hypnotist in practice for 30 years. She works with people for smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, and many other areas of self- improvement. She has taught these techniques in workshops in Albany.  Jeanette has lectured for many organizations and has been interviewed on local radio and television.

For more information about this program, please call Jeanette Perkins at 438-1573.

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