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Stock Transfers

Congregation Ohav Shalom works with the Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York to be able to accept donations of stock. The proceeds from stock transfers to benefit Ohav Shalom are passed from the Federation to Ohav, and the Federation provides this service to Ohav Shalom free of charge.

Instructions for Making Gifts of Stock

Thank you for your decision to make a gift of stock to Ohav Shalom. We ask you to follow the instructions below to donate in this manner.

  1. Contact the Finance Officer at Federation to let her know that you intend to donate stock to Federation for the benefit of Congregation Ohav Shalom. Contact Info: Sue Litynski | Email: | Phone number: (518) 783-7800 | Mailing address: United Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York, The Golub Center, 184 Washington Avenue Extension, Albany, NY 12203.
  2. The Finance Officer will discuss with you the alternative methods for wire transferring your stock and will then e-mail you instructions to make your stock gift transfer. You should forward the instructions to your broker. If you prefer, you can authorize your broker to speak with the Finance Officer directly and she will e-mail the instructions to your broker and discuss the transfer with your broker.
  3. You will need to discuss with your own broker or financial advisor any paperwork required by your financial institution.
  4. Gail will need the following information from you by e-mail:
    • Your desire to donate stock, the proceeds of which you want forwarded to Congregation Ohav Shalom
    • The specific name(s) of the stock you are transferring, the approximate number of shares of each stock, and the approximate total value of your transfer.
    • The approximate date that your broker will initiate the transfer.
    • Your mailing address
    • Your phone number
  5. The charitable value of your gift will be calculated on the day that the shares are received. Specifically, the charitable value of your stock donation is the average of the high and low value of your stock shares on the day that Federation’s brokerage account receives the shares. This is usually one business day after your broker initiates the transfer.
  6. The Federation will send you a letter acknowledging your donation to Federation to benefit Ohav Shalom. Stock donations are not included in the year-end tax receipt that Federation sends to donors, so please retain the letter for your tax records.